We are registered at:

Marshall Fields

800-2- I DO- I DO

Velocity Art and Design

2206 Queen Anne Avenue N, Seattle 866-781-9494


Or, in lieu of a gift, we would be very happy if you gave a donation in our name to one of the following charities:

New York Restoration Project

This is an organization dedicated to saving and restoring New York's city parks. NYRP is responsible for restoring the park building that now houses New Leaf Cafe.

Doctors Without Borders

This organization consists of 2,000 volunteer medical professionals from 45 countries who deliver emergency and long-term medical care. Winner of the 1999 Nobel Peace Prize.

International Center for Research on Women

The Center promotes gender equality and human rights in developing countries. It evaluates the efficiency of existing programs and trains leaders in advocation for women on economic, health and social issues.